Where do the CS: GO and Dota come from?

Fights in any form are an integral part of esports. Back in the early nineties, the most popular genre was Mortal Kombat, which continues to unite loyal fans today. However, the ability to fight against each other online did not exist before. Players gathered in special clubs where slot machines were located. Special video game halls were also an alternative. The very first consoles were not very popular when compared with modern trends.

Most mainstream games today have been influenced by Street Fighter: Quake, Doom, Starcraft, Warcraft, and of course Dota and Counter-Strike. That is why most esports tournaments are not complete without the listed games. However, not all are distinguished by longevity. Due to the high competition, today League of Legends, Dota 2 and various versions of Counter-Strike are at the top. CS:GO tournaments are very popular due to the variants of the format of fights: 1×1, 2×2, 5×5. However, not all sports platforms and organizers provide the opportunity to take part in the game or watch the players fight.

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