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World Cup Series At Tokyo 2020 Olympic Location

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition will start from 9th to 16th September in Enoshima in Japan. The event is being hosted here for the first time for sailors for 2019 World Cup Series. Considering the Hempel Sailing World Championship held in Aarhus, Denmark, all competitors will continue their journey to 2020 Tokyo Olympic Sailing Competition.

The sailors will be welcomed by Enoshima in only 2 years time for Olympics games and many sailors will have a chance to be a part of the World Cup. There is no doubt that such events hosted on Olympic waters strongly indicate what one expects from the Olympic Games.

The London 2012 test event which took place in the year 2011 saw 17 medalists trying to achieve the Olympic medal and the Aquece Rio 2015 and 2016 sailing event saw 16 medalists winning an Olympic medal after one year. As far as the Enoshima fleets are concerned, it features several finest racers who are trying to aim to set a benchmark.

The sailors who were crowned the World Champions in Aarhus are taking part and along with them 450 more sailors would take part from 45 nations. There are over 30 Olympic medalists joining the competition. Caterina Banti and Ruggero Tita have been outstanding in this year in Nacra 17 as they won 2 World Cup events in addition to the World Championships.

The scene was all ready in Aarhus for a great Medal Race as the sailors were led through a small margin. There was breeze in the air, but it failed and made the Italians win the world title. The winning teams will start from where they left in Enoshima as they would renew the competition in a bid to showcase their performance in the Olympics waters. It is indeed going to be an eventful competition.

Fijian Icon The World’s Best Race

The Fiji Regatta competition has shaped up to be the world’s largest races. The annual regatta began in the year 1984. Many yachties across the world have been attracted since then.  The meeting zone is Musket Cove Island Resort & Marina. The regatta has encouraged Fiji all through the world.

The race was pioneered by less than 30 yachts. The resort organized over 200 yachts across the globe. Some of the countries which participated include Brazil, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Cayman Island, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Wales to name a few. The sole objective of the race then was an annual celebration for yachties. This was the initiative taken by Smith and Jack Hargraves who were friends.

The 80 year old Hargraves said Dick Smith was the one to design the first race from Musket Cove to Vanuatu. As per Smith, things did not remain the same when the late Smith planned to halt the races within the Fiji area so as to ensure that yachties did not sail away from Fiji. The regatta organized for the first time was a mix of a few yachties and it was Dick who brought them together to plan something. It was the idea of Dick to get the yachts and sail to Vanuatu. However, many tasks were to be completed like customs clearance and so on.

Dick spent a whole lot of money to arrange the logistics for Vanuatu till the time Dick and Hargraves were in Vanuatu. That is when they both realized how small the yacht club was, even when they were celebrating the RS Games. The whole idea of hosting the race was the year-end get together. Fiji regatta did continue to grow every year and was considered to be the best races in the world. As per Hargraves, the race was an opportunity for yachtswomen and yachtsmen to meet and socialize. The majority of them fell in the ocean and spent almost half of their lives in boats.