How to Identify Amateur Players in Online Rummy Games

Did you just sign up for Rummy and are now wondering about the next steps? Indian Rummy has gained widespread popularity these days in all age groups and is one of the best ways to spend your time while picking up on some great skills. Now that you are all set to begin playing the game, there are some techniques that a player must know before jumping in.

Every player plays differently and follows a different strategy. However, using some tips you can easily interpret the moves of your opponents and identify which ones can beat you in the game. Such experienced players look for amateur players and try to take them out of the game at the first chance they get. So, let us look at some mistakes that amateur players make to avoid making them.

#1. Drawing cards from the closed deck too often

Players who have just started playing the game are not aware of how much information they tend to give out with every card they discard as well as pick up from the closed deck. This happens because of a lack of practice since these players do not know how to use the cards already dealt to them. When this happens quite a few times, your opponents will know that they are playing against a beginner. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, you can always discard the cards that you do not need and get an idea around the sets that your opponents are building.

#2. They do not stay till the end of the game

The most common notion that amateur players have is that they need to be dealt a good hand at the very start of the game for them to stand a chance at winning. This is not true because the game is all about using what you have to get yourself to win. Instead of jumping into a tournament right away, it is better to spend more time practicing and learning the details of the game. Try to participate in Cash Rummy once you have enough confidence and a good strategy to get you through the game.

#3. Lack of Practice

Online Rummy app games can only be played after a sufficiently good amount of practice. Practice several sessions and once you think you have enough practice, participate in Cash Rummy games. Participating in a tournament or while playing a normal rummy game, you are not going to do well without enough practice. The most common mistake that amateur players make is to join the tournament as soon as they receive their welcome bonus. This will make them lose all this bonus due to the very little knowledge of the game that they possess and might even end up losing interest in the game. It is better to indulge yourselves into free rummy sessions to avoid making flawed strategies and/or disclosing your methods to your opponents.

#4. Avoid using the chat feature too much

Amateur players tend to get stuck on new features such as the chat option and exploit it till the very end. The issue arises when you try to make rummy buddies during a serious cash rummy game and a rather experienced player is sitting next to you. If you send them too many messages and ask them for new tactics, you might end up exposing your strategy to the player. So, if your opponent is not replying to your messages, they might be looking at your hand and/or studying your tactics. So, ensure that to avoid landing yourself in this situation, you play with as many players as possible and avoid using the chat feature offered.

Now, let us look at some ways in which you can understand your opponent’s psychology:

#1. By looking at the cards that the other players are discarding/picking up, you can get an idea about the sequence that they are trying to put together. Also, if your opponent is repeatedly picking up cards from a closed deck, you can assume that they do not have a good hand.

#2. If your opponent discards the joker, you can make two assumptions – one being that the player is not experienced since he/she does not know the importance of this card. The other one can be that they are about to get a perfect sequence. In such a scenario, try to recollect all the cards that the player discarded and play a safe game.

#3. If your opponent picks up a joker, then you need to take notice of both the players- the one who discarded the joker and the one who picked it up. Now, go back and think about the cards that were picked up/discarded by the players. This will help you understand the gameplay of both your opponents.

#4. Know the level of your opponents whether they are experienced or amateur. You can analyze this by the hands they play. Experienced players can predict your moves and so they might start discarding the cards that will not be of any use to you. On the other hand, a noob player will discard his/her cards left and right without properly analyzing the situation of their opponents.

All said and done, these are some ways in which you can make a winning strategy by predicting your opponent’s moves. Also, the mistakes that amateur players make are the ones you should look out for since these mistakes can get you into a big loss in cash rummy. However, amidst all this, it is important to also understand that this is an entertainment game and must be taken in the right spirit. While making strategies and trying to win the game, ensure that you have fun along the way!